In Real Estate It's... Location, Location, Location

In Navigation it's GPS, GPS, GPS

...and in Business It's LEADS, LEADS, LEADS!

Hello, I'm Mark Armstrong. I'm an Angel Investor / Growth Hacker.

I like to invest my time & money into helping others succeed.

The more they succeed, the more I do, too. That's why I'm driven to help as many Entrepreneurs as I can.

I want you to run your business, (that's YOUR strength) while I run your Digital Marketing. (My Strength)

I use tools I have developed that help me automate the job of finding you new customers.

This makes my services very affordable for any size business.

I help you find new customers through my Digital Growth Strategies. 

The fact is, you are leaving money on the table each & every day that you don't use the "Viral-Spiral"™ plan for your area.

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